How can iconic branding change the world? Join us for a workshop where we’ll look at old problems through new eyes using Blue Earth’s Iconic Entrepreneurship model. Through case studies, presentations, and small group discussion, we’ll explore how iconic brand development is making over a Belgian chocolatier’s business model for sustainability and global scalability, radically shifting the approach at a homeless agency, and transforming a whole Native American nation, creating a way to lift thousands out of poverty and to thrive. You’ll learn the secrets of Iconic Entrepreneurship, and how these secrets can lead to scalable and global movements for social change.


Speakers (3)

Edwards, Charles Charles Edwards CEO Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency
Jourdain, Floyd Floyd Jourdain Chairman Red Lake Nation
de Bruyn, Benoit Benoit de Bruyn CEO NewTree

Moderators (1)

UJ Mug Shot Udaiyan Jatar CEO Blue Earth Network