In the last decade, we've seen the slow, local food movement expand across the country in the form of farmer's markets. But what about communities and institutions that don't have access to farmer's markets? Scarcity of healthy food retailers has proven to have a direct link to poor childhood nutrition, diabetes, obesity, and rampant heart disease in the country's poorest neighborhoods and regions. Join us to explore what's being done to ensure access to healtheir food across the United States in urban farms, school cafeterieas, grocery chains, and national parks. We'll discuss if the sustainable, healthy food movement can grow into something that can feed the country, and maybe even the world. 


Moderators (1)

Hatfield, Leslie Leslie Hatfield Senior Editor GRACE Communications Foundation

Panelists (3)

Chen, Amy Amy Chen Director Pepsico
Dotts-Wright, Nicole Nicole Dotts-Wright Associate Marketing Manager General Mills
Spence, Chris Chris Spence Director Institute at the Golden Gate