Jourdain, Floyd


Floyd Jourdain

Chairman at Red Lake Nation


Floyd Jourdain Jr is the elected Tribal Chairman of the Red Lake band of Chippewa Indians, “Ojibwe”, which spans three quarters of a million acres in Northwestern Minnesota. He has held the position of Chairman since 2004.
The Red Lake Nation has eleven thousand members.The tribal government at Red Lake consists of eleven elected officials including a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and eight District Representatives from four reservation communities. Also, seven Hereditary Chiefs.
Red Lake holds the distinction as the one tribe in the Unites States that is closed to state jurisdictions, holds all territories and interests in common and self governs all tribal affairs. Because it rejected the Dawes General Allotment Act of 1887, Red Lake controls one hundred percent of its land base. The leadership at Red Lake has maintained a strict adherence to the principles of tribal sovereignty. The philosophy at Red Lake is that Sovereignty is the basis of everything. Without it, American Indian people will cease to exist in America; and as a result the Red Lake Ojibwe will lose their place in the world.
Red Lake contains one of the largest inland bodies of freshwater in America where it owns and operates its tribal fisheries. Adherence to the oldest traditions of the Ojibwe of honoring and respecting all living (and non-living things) has made this lake and land among the least commercially exploited or polluted. The fish from our Red Lake’s is legendary for its vitality, taste and sustainability.
Chairman Jourdain was educated in Political science, and tribal government at the University of Minnesota, and Bemidji State University.