Williams, Kwami


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Kwami Williams

Research Fellow at MIT D-Lab Scale-Ups Program


Kwami Williams received a degree in Aerospace Engineering and a concentration in Global Development from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is passionate about making God’s love known to the world through technologies that tackle real human needs, and specifically, the injustices and development challenges of our world today. He is a research fellow in the D-Lab Scale-Ups Program at MIT, an acceleration platform for innovators and entrepreneurs working to bring development technologies to market. In this research, he and his teammate, Emily Cunningham, aim to bring to scale affordable oilseed processing technologies that will improve moringa farmers income, through the on-farm transformation of their oilseeds into oil and seedcake or their improved access to and demand from the moringa seed market. Kwami is from Ghana, enjoys eating, singing when no one can hear, dancing, likes to hear people's perspective on God, faith, and life, and to play sports or relax with friends.